Lifebox is committed to making safer surgery and anaesthesia a right, not a privilege, for every patient. And this holiday season, we’re asking you to help support our work with a donation.

A double donation.

A LifeboxSquared donation!


What does that mean? We’ve been challenged by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation to raise $100,000 in the next year. For every dollar we get to build our capacity delivering lifesaving work worldwide, SNF will double it.

$1 becomes $2.

$5 becomes $10.

$250 becomes $500.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to make a life-changing contribution to safer surgery and anaesthesia – twice. Donations can be made online here (GPB) and here (USD), or by mailing us a cheque. Be sure to note ‘SNF’ in your contribution so it can be counted towards the challenge.

Unsafe surgery and anesthesia is a challenge on a global scale – but we’re lucky to have supporters who believe that we can make a difference, and we’re incredibly grateful for your generosity.

We know there are a lot of amazing charities competing for your support this year. So we thought we’d let our donors tell you why, in their words, they support Lifebox. Follow #LifeboxSquared for updates!

ASiTtile Beatiweltile MLM_tile_new
ASiT Beatiwel Zadutsa  MLM
Nodreentile Madhutile boetile sreaney-tile neipe-tile
Dr Nodreen
Dr Madhu Patel Sibonile Mathe Dr Stephen Reaney Dr Naveen Eipe
alantile_2 issytile_2 asafoundationtile patron-tile-1 bookmarktile_2
Professor Alan
Issy Marks  ASA Charitable
Lord Ribeiro  Bookmark Content
jashbytile_4 agawandetile bktile_2 stantile asatile3
Joanna Ashby Professor Atul
Dr Bertille KI Dr Stan Abshier ASA
interpalsttile2 mbtile_2 bparsonstile lbtile lkabongotile
Interplast  Michael Billingsley Dr Ben Parsons Dr Lowri Bowen Dr Leonard
rgreenbergtle umpoki-tile kjtile jforrester-tile acapek-tile
Robert Greenberg  Dr Ulisubisya Mpoki Kitty Jenkin Dr Jared Forrester Dr Adam Capek
airwaymanagementacademy-tile cbtile ellinor-tile amonkhouse-tile rgreif-tile
Airway Management
Dr Cheik
Baby Ellinor Dr Alex
Prof Robert Greif
nboyd-tile aona-tile lherbert-tile tbashford-tile laura_reza-tile
Dr Nick Boyd Prof Ahuka Ona Dr Lara Herbert  Dr Tom Bashford Drs Irwin and Noori
valbert-tile hmulchandani-tile rfreedman-tile-1 lbashford-tile rtighe-tile
Dr Vanessa
Dr Haresh
Dr Rachel
Prof Lindsay
Dr Ruth Tighe