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Ukrainian colleagues lead the way for safer anaesthesia

Many thanks to safe anaesthesia champion Dr Kateryna Belka, who helped organise a Lifebox stand for the congress exhibition, delivered a pulse oximetry workshop, and hosted a screening of The Checklist Effect. We caught up with her recently and this is what we learned. Last month the Ukrainian Society of Anaesthesiologists held its Annual Congress,

Lifebox in Europe

We’ve been working with the European Society of Anaesthesiology since 2012, raising funds and raising awareness. Funds that help us to deliver urgently-needed equipment and education – and awareness that critical safety challenges in the OR can be closer to ‘home’ than you think. Take Moldova, one of the countries featured in our award-winning documentary The

Lifebox News – April Edition

Last month we… Listened to our founder and chair Atul Gawande’s TED Talk in Vancouver (his last one was viewed more than 1.5 million times!) Joined obstetricians and gynaecologists at the Royal College of O&G World Congress in Cape Town, consulting with this critical community for global surgery, and sharing their perspectives on camera Proudly

ESA and Lifebox in Europe 

Since 2012 at Euroanaesthesia in Paris, the generosity and commitment of ESA members and membership societies has helped to support thousands of safer surgeries through Lifebox’s equipment and training projects – across and beyond the continent. But at Euroanaesthesia 2016 in London, the ESA-Lifebox Europe Project took Lifebox’s fifth anniversary celebration to a whole new


Which countries does Lifebox operate in? Afghanistan Djibouti Liberia Serbia Albania Dominica Libya Seychelles Algeria Dom. Republic Lithuania Sierra Leone American Samoa Ecuador Macedonia FYR Solomon Islands Angola Egypt Madagascar Somalia Antigua & Barbuda El Salvador Malawi South Africa Argentina Eritrea Malaysia South Sudan Armenia Ethiopia Maldives Sri Lanka Azerbaijan Gabon Mali St Vincent &

Which countries does Lifebox operate in?

Which countries does Lifebox® operate in? Lifebox® makes oximeters available to countries where the pulse oximeter gap is greatest. Since provision of medical equipment is such a significant capital investment for a hospital, the gap is largely determined by economic ranking. Afghanistan* Djibouti* Liberia* Serbia Albania Dominica Libya Seychelles Algeria Dominican Republic Lithuania Sierra Leone* American