What is special about our oximeter?

What is special about the Lifebox® oximeter?

Our oximeter is:

Easy to maintain – in a study of anaesthesia in developing countries, only 36% of anaesthetists worked in settings where there were individuals trained to repair equipment.  Routine care and maintenance of the oximeter are therefore clearly described in the manual and in all six WHO languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish). Ancillary equipment (mains cable, batteries etc) can be replaced locally with generic pieces.

Robust – capable of withstanding falls onto a concrete floor from a height of 1 meter

Flexible – operates with battery source and mains supply

Intuitive – the screen displays data in a waveform graph, and an audible beep marks each pulse beat.  The screen rotates for ease of reading.

Accurate – to +/1 2% in the clinical range SpO2  70-100% in all skin colours.

The Lifebox® oximeter is the only monitoring device on the market to meet all WFSA/WHO specifications, as devised in consultation with an international panel of experts and selected across a year-long adjudication process.  It meets relevant IEC standards, CE and ISO 9919 standards, but goes beyond these to address the specific needs of the low-resource market.

Furthermore, because of its particular compatibility with generic probes and generic batteries, the long-term cost of the Lifebox® oximeter is significantly lower than any other comparable device on the market.

For queries and resolution of basic issues about the device, please download our troubleshooting guide.