Our product

The World Health Organization and the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists set about designing the ideal pulse oximeter for low-resource settings.

The result was the oximeter which Lifebox® Foundation supplies through our manufacturer, Acare Technology Co. Ltd.  This surpassed the requirements with all these specifications and is available for only $250. Open up the box and you’ll find:

    • A CD Rom of the Lifebox education package, full of tutorials, videos and exercises for self-learning and classroom teaching.
    • A robust and compact pulse oximeter with a high resolution rotating display, visual alarms and audible alarm with variable tone.
    • A rechargeable battery for continuous use – although the oximeter can also run with AA alkaline batteries when mains electricity is unavailable. To prolong the life of the battery, we recommend that – once it is fully charged – you disconnect the adaptor.
    • A power transformer that meets international standards (see below for a note on power surges)
    • An adaptor that fits UK, US and European plug sockets
    • A protective cover, pillow clip and charging cradle
    • A Nellcor-compatible, universal probe, suitable for patients aged 4 months and above
    • A Nellcor-compatible, paediatric probe

Note on power surges:

The power transformer meets surge: EN61000-4-5 +- 1KV line to line and +- 2KV line to ground on input power lines.  At this level there is no damage or performance degradation to the adapter. If power surges exceed these values then a separate surge protector should be used. If electricity is interrupted during charging, the charging will continue normally when electricity is restored.


Each oximeter device is under warranty for 2 years; each probe for 1 year.  To reclaim, the recipient must return the defective unit to Acare at the recipient’s expense.  Delivery address can be found in the manual that accompanies the oximeter.  Acare will replace the unit (provided the fault is not due to abuse e.g. excessive force, submerged in water) and send it to the recipient at Acare’s expense.


Lifebox® has become aware that many pulse oximeter manufactures are now producing units that use the same case as the  one we supply and so look visually similar. The performance of these other units varies significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is suggested that if you are considering other sources of supply, for a Lifebox®-style pulse oximeter,  you request independent verification that the specifications offered meet those offered by Lifebox® and meet or exceed specifications required by CE, ISO, WFSA and WHO standards.

For queries and resolution of basic issues with the device, please take a look at our troubleshooting guide.