Four months ago I was called for an emergency cesarean hysterectomy for a 31-year-old woman whose placenta had ruptured overnight.  We realised that the baby had died in utero – probably of severe hypoxia. 

This woman needed a pulse oximeter early on, so that changes in saturation could be diagnosed earlier, and proper measures taken. This is life experience.  

– Benson Nfon Tanjong

Benson_non-functioning monitors_2010Benson, president of the Cameroon North Westerner’s Association of Anesthetics (CAMNOWAA) has a lot of stories to tell.  Some of them are devastating – but he’s working with Lifebox to change the endings of more and more.

Since 2012 we’ve been working with him to deliver equipment and training across three regions.  Follow up shows they’re working, the making a difference – and that they’re wanted across the whole of the country!

“The workshop registered a huge success, and I am very grateful about that,” Benson told us soon after the first training.  “It was really exciting.  I am having so much pressure from other provinces as to when they will have their own oximeters.”

You can read more from Benson – before and after the workshop – and see what a difference it’s making.

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