Lifebox in Mongolia

Steppe-by-steppe: Safer surgical care in Mongolia


Sandwiched between Russia and China and rich in mineral resources, Mongolia is in the throes of an economic and social boom, driven largely by the mining industry. This boom has seen vast sums of money injected into the country particularly in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Like many booms in poorer countries, one effect is to highlight the enormous disparity between the haves and the have-nots. Nowhere is that disparity clearer than in the provinces, where providing safe surgical services to the dispersed population remains very difficult.

In a fast-changing landscape, the surgical safety crisis can seem particularly vicious – every year the gap between access and absence gets wider. Lifebox’s work in Mongolia is a brilliant example of partnership and local leadership determined to pull back that gap. In 2013-14 the national society, working with Australian and New Zealand colleagues, hosted a workshop in Ulaanbaatar to train providers. Since then we have followed up on previous donations, provided more equipment and – crucially – showed that Lifebox makes long-term commitments to our colleagues worldwide.

“I am working for peds urology mission at National Children’s hospital of Mongolia, in Ulaan Baator. Here, I find the Lifebox is an only available monitor in the recovery room. I believe we pediatric anaesthesia community can change the world.”

Dr Norifumi Kuratani

Lifebox in Mongolia – safer anaesthesia for every child from Lifebox Foundation on Vimeo.