Lifebox in Niger

Niger is ranked near the bottom of the UN Human Development Index. Lifebox has been working across the country since 2012 to take safer surgical care countrywide.


Niger is a landlocked country in West Africa and one of hottest countries in the world due to the Sahara desert covering four-fifths of its surface. Nearly 70% of its population is under 25.

Lifebox conducted a nationwide needs assessment with the assistance of Dr Chaibou – general secretary of SONARMU.  Completed in August 2014, the assessment showed that across the 40 hospitals in Niger, there were 83 operating beds and 228 recovery beds  but just 41 pulse oximeters.

In May 2015, Lifebox commenced training workshops in country for 157 anaesthesia providers and the distribution of 270 devices to improve patient safety across the country. Faculty from Lifebox’ work in Burkina Faso  supported the training. A Train-the-Trainers course was held on the first day, to build a local faculty of 17 trainers, followed by three days of training.

We are thankful to the Flatley Foundation for the great support they have given to Lifebox for providing the necessary funding to improve surgical safety in Niger. In country follow-up in Niger has shown consistent use of the Lifebox pulse oximeter in all hospitals. Lifebox is planning a country visit in  2017 as part of its monitoring and evaluation protocol.