Lifebox is working in Uganda to bring pulse oximeters to all operating theatres.

Great and glad tidings!

Lifebox isn’t a faith-based organization, but you don’t need to tell us twice about the true meaning of Christmas. Hope and renewal, sacrifice...

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Filling the vacuum

Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of childhood death worldwide. What does that have to do with safe surgery?  Nothing explicitly....

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Pauline Agwang, 34, is the only anaesthetic officer at her facility in Eastern Uganda. Away for just four days during the Lifebox...

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“What am I going to do?”

Philip Ongom’s  old pulse oximeter finally stopped working last February during an emergency caesarian section. Ask him about that moment and the...

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Road traffic accidents in Uganda are frequent and brutal.  Two years ago, the anaesthesia community at Mulago Regional Referral Hospital, the largest...

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Anaesthesia in Uganda

Anaesthesia providers in Uganda lack access to almost everything that we take for granted in developed world practice: basic drugs, monitoring equipment,...

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