El Salvador

Anaesthesia technicians expressed over and over the stress that they work with everyday—every single surgery, trying to make the best of what they have. It’s exhausting.  To be in the middle of a case and something just shuts down.

Dr Sandra Leal

RN w 2 babies 1 isolette &1 oxThe Asociación de Médicos Anestesiólogos de el Salvador (AMAES) is a huge champion for safer anaesthesia. Thanks  to the society – in particular the passion of former president Dr Sandra Leal – support from the Ministry of Health and Lifebox® teaching materials, anaesthesia providers throughout El Salvador have taken part in workshops on pulse oximetry and the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist.

87 oximeters have been sent out to El Salvador for distribution by the Ministry of Health, to ensure oxygen monitoring in all public hospital ORs.

You can read more about the difference Lifebox® is making to anaesthesia safety in El Salvador on the British Medical Journal blog here.