F&P Cycle to CARE

F&P Name: Sophie Danks 

Event: F&P Cycle to CARE Convention

Date: 10 June 2017 

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Delighted to learn that our friends and longstanding Lifebox supporters, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd are planning a team cycle from their UK office in Maindenhead, to this year’s CARE Convention at Warwick University, all in aid our work. We caught up with F&P’s Product Manager, Sophie Danks to learn more.

What is Fisher and Paykel’s mission?

Our mission at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Ltd is to improve care and outcomes through inspired and world-leading healthcare solutions.

Over the years, F&P has been a great supporter of Lifebox’s work, what motivated the organisation to do so?

Lifebox is a charity very close to our heart. Improving patient care is integral to what we do at F&P, therefore, we want to continue to support Lifebox to ensure those patients living in developing countries can also have access to the basic equipment required to make surgery safer.

You’re planning a group cycle of over 200km from Maidenhead to this year’s CARE Convention in Warwick, that’s a big challenge! Why did you decide to take it on?

We have been inspired by the AAGBI cyclists over the years who continue to push the boundary when it comes to cycling to their annual conferences. At F&P we decided it would be a great challenge to complement their efforts by also cycling to the CARE convention that we help to facilitate each year.

How much training are you doing in preparation?

Training is cheating isn’t it…?! We will aim to get a few long rides under our belts in the next coming months with the hope of minimising the saddle sore!

What does safer surgery mean to you?

It’s simple – safer surgery is a lifeline for those less fortunate than us who don’t have access to the technology we take for granted when we ourselves, or our loved ones go through surgery. It is a fantastic cause that we look forward to continuing to support in the years to come.