Fundraising for Lifebox

There are many ways in which you can help Lifebox® put pulse oximeters into operating rooms which don’t have them – in the process saving thousands of lives.

You can hold bake sales, tell your friends, family and colleagues about the important work that we do, and take part in triathlons and other sporting events. You can also sell items on ebay for Charity in aid of Lifebox®.

If based in the UK, you can set up your own free online fundraising page in aid of Lifebox® using BT My Donate. You can also download our sponsorship and Gift Aid declaration form here.

If based in another country, you may want to use your Facebook page to publicize your challenge.  You could also use a social media platform like Tumblr.  Linking your page to our existing donation portals help make it easy for your supporters to give.  Donations in US$ can be given through Lifebox USA and the ASA Charity.

To download Lifebox® promotional materials (posters, ads and brochures), click here. We now also have MAKE IT 0® materials available here.

And please let us know about your efforts so that we can publicize it to our networks. Call us anytime on + 44 (0)203 286 0402 or email for advice and guidance.

Good luck!