Lifebox – Students for Global Health

Rep of the month: September 

Name: Ramon Fernandes 

Medical School: King’s College London

Year of study: Final 

Event: King’s College Freshers’ Fair 

You recently helped promote Lifebox’s work at your university’s Freshers’ Fair, what inspired you to do so?

As an aspiring surgeon, the Freshers’ Fair provided a fantastic platform to promote the work that Lifebox Foundation are doing in making surgery and anaesthesia safer in low-resource settings.

What did you most enjoy about the event?

It was great to engage in discussions about global surgery with students from all years and from a whole host of disciplines.  A career in global surgery has become an aspiration for many medical students and the enthusiasm is palpable at King’s.

Why do you think it’s important for medical students to get involved in global surgery?

The world is quickly becoming a smaller and smaller place.  Globalisation means that current medical students are uniquely positioned to effect change in global health, more so than ever before.

As the incoming President of King’s MedTech Society, what do you hope to achieve in this role?

At King’s MedTech we are passionate about health entrepreneurship and innovation and in my role as President I want to promote the crucial role of MedTech in the provision of effective, efficient and equitable healthcare globally.