Lindsay Bashford

IMG_5657 (1) Name: Lindsay Bashford 

Event: Market Drayton 10K

Date: 8 May 2016

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Over the years dedicated Rotarians and Lifebox champions, Lindsay and Barbara Bashford have helped spread the word about our lifesaving work at a number of Rotary events, and now Lindsay is taking on the Market Drayton 10K to help raise funds for safer surgery around the world.

Read our recent interview with Lindsay below.

Rotary is a fantastic organisation, how did you get involved?

A friend invited me to a dinner at the Oval in 1993 – how could a cricket lover like me say no to that? It turned out that he was a member of the Rotary Club of Mitcham and had wanted me to join for a while. They had moved their meeting time from lunch to early evening so I was able to get there just after work.

Having joined the Mitcham Club, I soon got involved in all their activities and was soon President and then Secretary. Mitcham belonged to District 1140 (as it was then) and after I had been President I was asked to spend time serving the District first as Vocational Officer and then chair of the Membership Services Committee. These jobs meant I visited lots of different Clubs and got to know Rotarians across the British Isles. The very strong, shared values make Rotary a wonderful organisation with the capability of doing excellent things, large and small.

Also, my dad had been a Rotarian so I understood its ethos of Service Above Self and the good works it did locally, nationally and internationally.

What club do you belong to and how long have you been a Rotarian?

I moved to Shropshire in 2002 to help set up the Medical School at Keele University. The Rotary Club of Market Drayton welcomed me in with open arms – again they meet in the evening enabling me to get to meetings after work. I quickly got involved with Club activities and was soon Secretary, then President, and then Secretary again. In a completely different District (1210) I was asked to serve as an Assistant Governor – again a task I relished as the Clubs for which I had responsibility were all close to Keele and so easy to visit. I have been a Rotarian since 1993.

What motivated you to support Lifebox?

My son, Tom, is an anaesthetist currently training at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.  A few years ago, he negotiated a year out of training to work as a volunteer for Voluntary Service Overseas in Ethiopia. He and his wife, Cat, were there for a year – Tom was the anaesthetist at Yekatit 12 Hospital and had a great time helping to improve the service there. He found out about Lifebox and arranged to provide the hospital with the Checklist and pulse oximeters. In all he took six and trained the nurses how to use them.

The Rotary Club of Market Drayton funded three of the Lifeboxes and I was convinced that this was a charity that I could support wholeheartedly. It has been great to volunteer for and promote Lifebox amongst Rotarians.

What does safer surgery mean to you?

The best surgical practice performed in accordance with the resources available. This means surgical teams being aware both of their scope and of their limitations and always being prepared to learn how to conduct their activities more safely and in the very best interests of their patients.

What types of activities do you undertake to support Lifebox and what do you hope to achieve in doing so?

Promoting Lifebox to Rotarians and Rotary Clubs – I hope, together, we can Make it Zero.