“You probably know what its like in resource poor settings – we use stuff till it falls apart, tape it together and use it again. But when the power fails – which happens several times on a good day and 20 times on a bad day – the Lifebox® oximeter works on and gives us useful info till the generator or local supply eventually kicks in.”

– mission hospital, Nepal

Mugu District Hospital_2013_Nepal_Oximetry

Outside of the major cities, access to safe anaesthesia is a major challenge.

Working with the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (CAS), we were able to donate 100 oximeters for distribution and training by the Society of Anesthesiologists of Nepal.

We’re working with the the Nick Simons Institute, to support their Anaesthesia Assistant programme with more equipment and our education materials.

Our goal is that providers and patients, at every level, have more security when the power fails.  Again and again.