News coverage

ANZCA Bulletin – March 2018

‘Lifebox® a vital tool for saving lives across the globe’: March’s edition of the ANZCA bulletin features the work of Lifebox Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), their highlights and the importance of addressing surgical challenges in the Asia Pacific region.

Behind The Knife – February 2018

‘Lifebox and Safe Surgery’: Dr Alex Haynes talks to this popular surgical podcast about the route to a academic surgical career, the broad aims of Lifebox, and the important difference between a ‘global surgery’ and person who works in surgical safety.

The International Anaesthetist – February 2018

Dr Mansi Tara talks the the RCoA about our team-centered approach to safer anaesthesia in India.

Stanford Medicine – October 2017

Clean Cut®, our surgical site infection reduction project piloting in Ethiopia, is showing compelling results. Read more from the Stanford research side here.

ASA Daily News – October 2017

The Lifebox Masterclass series was back by popular demand at this year’s American Society of Anaesthesiologists Annual Meeting held in Boston. ASA Daily News reported on scheduled speakers sharing global perspectives.

ASA Daily News – October 2017

In this interview with the ASA Daily News, The Checklist Effect Director, Lauren Anders Brown discusses this award winning film about surgery anaesthesia on a global scale. This film, produced by Lifebox, was screened at the ASA’s Annual Meeting this year.

ASA Monitor – October 2017 

“If not for the ‘beep, beep, beep’ provided by the Lifebox, there would not be any monitors, period.” Moving account from recipients of the 2016-17 ASA Resident International Anesthesia Scholarship. Drs Brown, Cloyd and Simmons spent a month working with local colleagues in Uganda as part of a programme sponsored by the ASA Committee on Global Humanitarian Outreach.

Global Health NOW – September 2017

“In the quest to end preventable maternal mortality, safe surgery deserves greater attention as a key strategy, said advocates gathered at a UN General Assembly side event,” – including Lifebox Global CEO Kris Torgeson. Read more in GHN’s coverage.

Harvard Medical School – August 2017

Recap of the August screening of The Checklist Effect hosted by the Global Surgery Students Alliance chapters of Harvard Medical School, Boston University Medical School and Tufts University Medical School. This was followed by a panel discussion including Lifebox Chair, Atul Gawande.

Mediaplanet UK – August 2017

So proud to have been part of this global maternal health campaign featuring Lifebox colleagues Drs Mary Nabukenya and Rediet Shimeles – who share their perspectives on why surgery and anaesthesia are essential components of maternal health.

Australian Anaesthetist – June 2017

Our friends at the ASA ran this warm and welcoming profile of our Global CEO Kris Torgeson. Reflecting on Kris’s long humanitarian career, her decision to join Lifebox, and the essential support of the anaesthesia community.

The Independent – February 2017

The Lifebox oximeter can withstand extreme heat and cold and the battery is functional for at least 12 hours. Crucially, it is also tough, and can be dropped from table height without breaking. “It’s not going to break down soon after arrival, a serious problem with medical equipment in low-resource countries,” says Gawande.

The Atlantic – February 2017

As Gunbileg was carried into the emergency room in May last year, a nurse placed on his finger a small peg-like device attached by a wire to a battered-looking yellow monitor the size of a mobile phone.

“Don’t be taken in by appearances,” the hospital’s anesthetist says as she sees me squinting to inspect it during my visit last October. “That device has been used every single day for the past four years. It’s saved hundreds of lives. And it’s still going strong.”

Mosaic Science – February 2017

“The little yellow box that’s made thousands of operations safer.” Millions of people are left dead or disabled by surgical complications each year when one simple piece of kit could have saved them. Jane Feinmann discovers how it has helped transform medicine in Mongolia.

Techonomy – February, 2017

Check out this broad technology media platform as it focuses a lens on technologies in global surgery – including the Lifebox oximeter, and our environment-appropriate impact.

Periop Insider – January 2017

One of our innovation projects scoping the ideal low-resource setting surgical instrument tray takes the spotlight in this interview about surgical site infection, life-threatening challenges, and the vital role that perioperative nurses have to play in this global challenge.

RCOA Bulletin – January 2017

Lifebox champions Drs Laura Irwin and Reza Noori – who are cycling the length of the Andes to raise funds for our safer surgery work – share they amazing adventure in this edition, starting on page 40.

Neo 2 – December 2016

La Creatividad Aplicada a la Medicina – Creativity Applied to Medicine. We’re thrilled to see our beautifully animated and practical multi-language pulse oximeter educational videos featured in this creative culture magazine.

This Is Medtech – December 2016

Lifebox trustee and educational programme lead, Dr Angela Enright discusses our work in distributing pulse oximeters and training anasthesia providers around the world.

Daily Record – October 2016

Laura Irwin and Reza Noori have been on the road for a year, having sold everything they owned to undertake a 15 month cycle across the Andes in support of Lifebox. Read more about their painstaking adventure!

Wall Street Journal – September 2016

Melinda Beck writes about the challenge of healthcare innovation in low-resource settings – with a spotlight on the success of the Lifebox environment-appropriate oximeter, education and distribution model!

Presidencia de la Republica Dominicana – September 2016

La donación de los 320 oxímetros de pulso al país, es uno de los mayores eventos de donación y formación que Lifebox ha llevado a cabo en sus cinco años de creación, con más de doce mil oxímetros donados en alrededor de cien países.

ASA Newsletter – September 2016

Lifebox trustee and former President of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Dr Alexander Hannenberg named as the 2015 ASA Distinguished Service Award recipient. This is the society’s highest award for exceptional service and achievement.

NZSA Newsletter – August 2016

We’ve worked closely with the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists to support colleagues in Vietnam with essential equipment and training. So we were thrilled to read this latest update from the NZSA’s Dr Peter Schenk on his recent trip to Vietnam.

Next Billion – July 2016

Sharing the stage with long-term partners Smile Train to demand investment in sustainable access to safe surgery worldwide.

The Times – April 2016

Lifebox chair, Atul Gawande talks safe surgeons, transparency, health systems and much more in this thought provoking feature.

ASA San Diego News – October 2015

Every year we learn something new at the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ conference – and this year in San Diego we wanted to give something back! Our second  ‘Masterclass’ series was a chance for global anaesthesia experts to share their experiences, and listen to yours.

Liya Kebede Foundation – October 2015

We joined forces with this maternal health NGO founded by World Health Organisation Goodwill Ambassador and supermodel, Liya Kebede, to showcase our work in Niger.

El Nuevo Diario and El Dia – September 2015

‘Anestesiologos buscan prevenir morbimortalidad en quirofanos’ – aka safer surgery and the WHO Checklist are making headlines worldwide! We were thrilled to see the Ministry of Health and the press taking such urgent interest in a recent Dominican Republic conference we took part in. In print and translation.

Al Jazeera – August 2015

Award-winning medical show The Cure takes their camera behind the scenes in Uganda, showing how the Lifebox oximeter and WHO Checklist are helping colleagues to make surgery safer. American audiences can watch the video here, and everyone can read an interview with director Daniel Nikolaison here.

BMJ Blog – August 2015

We work with humanitarian heroes every day – and on World Humanitarian Day, we had the chance to celebrate them. Surgeon Edward Fitzgerald explains why our OR colleagues should be heroes in everyone’s eyes.

Rotary Showcase – June 2015

Project Benin Saturation 100% was a collaboration between Lifebox, a Rotary Club in Genk Staelen, Belgium and one in Cotonou, Benin, and Rotary International. It did exactly what it set out to do. Read all about the life-saving, continent-crossing teamwork here!

BMJ Blog – June 2015

Salil Patel doesn’t ask – he tells you why you need to know about global surgery. With updates on IMFSA’s Global Surgery Working Group and key insights from Lifebox® trustee Dr Iain Wilson.

RCoA Bulletin – May 2015

Meet our new Fellows! We caught up with Rachel and Nick before their six month placements in Uganda and Ethiopia begin.

Life With Ivy – May 2015

Lifestyle/fashion/culture blogger Ivy Prosper explains why she supports the Born Safe Global campaign – raising awareness of the risk that millions of mothers and babies worldwide face, without access to safe obstetric care. “In countries like Canada and the United States, many women take it for granted that they can easily have a caesarian operation when any complications arise during the delivery of their baby…”

LehmanMillet – April 2015

‘Born Safe Global – have you heard about it?’ Lisa Cassese, one of our friends over at health communications firm LehmanMillet explains how ‘that balloon’ got its start – and what the Born Safe Global campaign means to her.

Lancet Global Health – April 2015

Lifebox® trustee Dr Iain Wilson was one of the expert commissioners on the recent Lancet Commission on Global Health. Read our ‘profile of a commissioner’ to find out what went in to making this landmark report.

Royal Free – April 2015

“A surgeon who works at Barnet Hospital has been delivering life-saving surgical equipment and training to doctors in Rwanda.” He also works at Lifebox®, and this is a great story!

Bury Times – April 2015

A fitness fanatic is taking the lead on a cycling challenge to raise money for vital lifesaving equipment…

Ansell Nurse Service Award – April 2015

We were thrilled to be part of the inaugural Ansell Cares H.E.R.O. award, in association with our MAKE IT 0® friends at the European Operating Room Nurses Association (EORNA). It honoured the contribution of perioperative nurses, who play such a vital role in safe surgery care – heroes like Enrique Cosme Pereira, who chose Lifebox as his charity.

BBC Radio Berkshire – March 2015

Tune in to Phil Kennedy’s drive home show to hear Dr Guy Jackson explain why, exactly he ran a half marathon dressed as a pulse oximeter – and Dr Nick Boyd, recently returned from Uganda, explain why it was absolutely worth it.

Get Reading – March 2015

Click through to picture 8 of 13 in the gallery of Reading Half Marathon Runners, to see AAGBI Council member Dr Guy Jackson dressed as a pulse oximeter.

Anaesthesia News – February 2015

A beautiful and moving article by Dr Hilary Aitken on why retiring anaesthetists can and should make a difference.

British Medical Journal Blog – January 2015

The BBC4 Reith Lectures, delivered by Lifebox® chair Atul Gawande, were broadcast to 50 million people worldwide. What on earth did that feel like…?

ZAA Newsletter – January 2015

An update from the Zimbabwe Anaesthetic Association – Lifebox has worked with ZAA colleagues to deliver essential monitoring equipment and training to anaesthesia providers across the country.

Tech Cheat Sheet – September 2014

Look for Lifebox on this roll call of innovative, responsive technologies that are making a difference in low-resource settings

BuzzFeed – June 2014

Ten global health statistics that will change the way you think about the World Cup…

ASA Newsletter – June 2014

Lifebox: Train the Trainer  – Christina Marie Menor, Berend Mets, Adrian Gelb talk about our exciting collaboration with the ASA and national anaesthesia societies in Nicaragua and Guatemala

National Geographic – May 2014

“The secret to surviving surgery in a little yellow box” – Layla McCay gets philosophical and technical about the secret to life.

Huffington Post – May 2014

“To speak plainly: obstetric fistula” – haven’t heard of obstetric fistula?  You’re not alone. Find out more here.

Huffington Post – May 2014

“When ‘lady with the lamp’ doesn’t even begin to cover it: celebrating International Nurses’ Day” – “Glasgow nurses,” The Times columnist Melanie Reid recalls being told, “have hearts like swinging bricks.” A hard substitute for a heartbeat – but in many ways appropriate.

Global Post – May 2014

“When life-saving surgery turns life-threatening” – Harman Boparai reports from Amritsar, India.

Lancet Global Health Blog – April 2014

Our Make It Zero interview with Dr Lesong Conteh forms the basis for a conversation about a vital and often overlooked aspect of global surgery: gender and economics.   The healthcare economist and commissioner on the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery talks about why data matters, why surgery is struggling in the global health arena, and how women are affected.

Rotary Today – April 2014

Rotarians support practical projects, and we’ve been thrilled to see clubs across the country rolling up their sleeves to support Lifebox!  Read all about it on page 34, or download a PDF here.

RCOG International News – March 2014

We take a look at Lifebox work across South Asia for a special edition of RCOG’s International News.  ”In cities across South Asia, medical technology is booming – but it’s not just the bumpy roads that make hospitals in rural areas feel like worlds away…”

Huffington Post – 7 March 2014

International Women’s Day is an artificial construct, but so is a banana split. It’s still a rare and delightful invitation to sit down with a spoon or a microphone and talk about issues that affect women around the world. Unsafe surgery is one of them – in fact it’s a full-blown crisis – but it is hardly ever discussed.

BMJ Blog – January 2014

Lifebox volunteer and medical student Robyn Evans explains why the crucial time for global surgery is – now. “Mid morning on Saturday 18 January, in a dark, slightly indie London theatre, a crowd of distinguished surgery and anaesthesia colleagues gathered to eat Mexican food and talk safe surgery…”

ASA Newsletter – January 2014

Residents’ Challenge champion Falan Mouton reflects on the first year of American anesthesiologist trainees putting their commitment to safer anaesthesia and competitive nature to the test!

MJA InSight – January 2014

When an equipment donation becomes an unwanted gift. Australian Anaesthetist Simon Hendel, currently based in Laos, reflects.

Geographical – December 2013

Change of venue for a Lifebox story, but we’re in our element in the Antarctic!  Follow Alexander Kumar to ‘Planet Concordia’ and see where we rank in the top 10 items to pack for a cold and remote trip.

NZSA Newsletter – December 2013

Two powerful articles in the end of year issue – ‘A Vessel of Mercy’ which looks at the surgical safety collaboration between Lifebox and the floating hospital NGO Mercy Ships, and ‘Volunteering in Vietnam for Lifebox Foundation’ about the growing impact of our work in association with the Vietnamese and New Zealand societies of anaesthesia

BMJ Blogs – November 2013

‘Captain Crazy’ gets the last word, as ENT surgeon David Albert tells BMJ readers why exactly he decided to head for the hills on a bike all the way down from Glasgow to London

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Yalgado Ouedraogo – October 2013

One for our French-speaking colleagues, announcing our successful collaboration with the national anaesthesia societies of Canada and Burkina Faso to put 117 pulse oximeters into operating theatres across every government hospital in Burkina Faso.

Wall Street Journal press release – October 2013

Find out more about the Teleflex donation – and the purpose driven trivia that helped to make surgery safer in low-resource countries

Keighley News – October 2013

Heat from the Great Anaesthesia Bake keeps rising, as Airdale Hospital makes news with its baking, eating and fundraising prowess on behalf of Lifebox and safer surgery

Wall Street Journal press release – October 2013

Medical manufacturer Teleflex announced plans to donate $25,000 to Lifebox Foundation at the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ 2013 Annual Meeting – but with a twist!

Ghana News Agency – October 2013

Read all about our work in Ghana to put pulse oximeters and training into every government hospital in the country

BMA News – 29 September 2013

SPOKES MEN – or as we like to call them, the Cycling Surgeons – take off from Glasgow to London with BMA news in hot pursuit.

Hotel LaTour Living18 September 2013

The ENT Cycling Surgeons made their way down from Glasgow the hard way!  They stopped at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to raise awareness of Lifebox and our work addressing the global crisis of unsafe surgery

BBC Health Check  – July 2013

Lifebox is working with a district hospital in Rwanda to sustainably implement the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist, and in July the BBC came to visit!  Watch this short film to step behind the scenes at an emergency c-section, and read more about the ‘six questions that could save your life.’  (And click here to our blog for more updates.)

BT MyDonateJuly 2013

Anaesthetists Don their Aprons to Raise Dough for Lifebox Foundation – BT MyDonate takes you “behind the sugar and spice” to the surgical safety crisis at the heart of the AAGBI’s incredibly successful Great Anaesthesia Bake.

ASA Director’s ReportSpring 2013

“This is how the world is changed and the condition of humanity is made closer to our ideals: by the small and large contributions of individuals who care enough to become involved” – Lifebox champion Dr Mark Singleton, the ASA’s Director for California, makes a compelling case.

BBC2 HorizonMarch 2013

A very powerful hour of television.  How to Avoid Mistakes in Surgery sees Dr Kevin Fong exploring how other professionals make life and death decisions under pressure, from airline pilots to Formula One pit crews.  If it sounds like the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist is relevant, you’d be absolutely right – and in fact Professor Atul Gawande, Lifebox chair and Dr Isabeau Walker, Lifebox trustee, are both interviewed.

DialogueMarch 2013

Saving mothers’ lives in Rwanda with SAFE training and pulse oximeters – read more about our work with the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society to put training and a pulse oximeter into every district hospital in this month’s Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada magazine.

Canadian Medical AssociationFebruary 2013

“The generosity of members from across Canada has allowed the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society (CAS) to supply pulse oximeters to every operating room in Rwanda”

British Medical Journal Blog – January 2013

On foot, by car, by bus – what’s it like to spend three months following up 80 pulse oximeters spread out across Uganda?

British Medical JournalDecember 2012-January 2013

Lifebox was selected for the second year in a row as the BMJ‘s holiday charity.  A wealth of articles, insights and front line action is available in print, podcast and on the BMJ blogs.  For a comprehensive list of all published content, click on the link above.

ASA Medical Student NewsletterNovember 2012

More exciting news from our colleagues in the U.S. – the ASA Medical Student Component has joined the Make It 0 campaign, and will be working with us to put pulse oximeters and education into operating theatres worldwide!  Read more about their engagement – starting with a great night out in Washington D.C.

Materials WorldNovember 2012

“Appropriate technology is the ultimate solution to the problems of the developing world…We must create our own technologies to suit our own problems.”

We recently took our environment-appropriate pulse oximeter to the Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Developing Countries conference  at the Institute of Engineering and Technology in London, and spoke to Materials World magazine about what makes the model so appropriate for a low-resource operating theatre.  We also had a chance to meet colleagues with their own equipment and approaches to low-resource healthcare – fascinating.

Global Health Gateway – September 2012

“The important thing is to find the right organisation and carefully consider what your role will be.  Are you qualified to perform the volunteer role?  Are the aims of the organisation ethical and is the organisation well run?” – Global Health Gateway considers the role of oximetry, safe surgery, brain drain and volunteer work, in “Making it zero in the real world” (PDF above – click here if you can access the link)

American Association of Nurse Anesthetists – August 2012

Delegates at the AANA’s recent conference in San Francisco ran/walked their way to $9,200 for Lifebox!  You can read more about their success at 6:00am here.

AMA Foundation Quarterly – August 2012

 When Dr Mark Newton, of Vanderbilt University (USA) and Kijabi Hospital (Kenya) was awarded $2,500 by the American Medical Association for Excellence in Medicine, he used the funds to buy 10 pulse oximeters for areas of need in rural Africa.   He has plans for many more (see p4).

ASA News – August 2012

Pulse oximeters safeguard the patient under surgery – they also protect the anaesthesia provider from the heartbreak of small errors that would never have gone unnoticed in a high-resource hospital. We spoke about this with the Australian Society of Anaesthetists, and looked at the difference Lifebox oximeters are making in the Solomon Islands

ASA Newsletter – August 2012

One year on from the launch of the American Society of Anesthesiologists’ campaign for Lifebox, we take a look back at what we’ve achieved together, and forward to what work there is yet to be done!

ASA Newsletter – June 2012

Bringing pulse oximeters to every OR in Ecuador, through an exciting collaboration between the Alabama State Society of Anesthesiologists and the Alabama Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

Savannah Morning NewsMay 2012

Students at SouthUniversity’s anesthesiologist assistant programme raised more than $1000 for Lifebox, selling badges at the American Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants conference.  Read more about their efforts here! – May 2012

Anaesthetists in Perth have raised nearly $50,000 to provide developing countries with about 200 simple oxygen monitors that will ensure safe anaesthesia and save the lives of patients undergoing surgery.

ASA News – April 2012

Check out the latest edition of the Australian Society of Anaesthesiologists’ publication to read about the first Lifebox oximeters sent to Tonga, and the difficulties of providing healthcare to an archipelago population.

Gascast – podcasts for trainee anaesthetists, 4 April 2012

Hear two of our Board Members, Isabeau Walker and Iain Wilson, tell the Lifebox story.

British Medical Journal 28 March 2012

BMJ readers raise almost £34,000 for Lifebox

Journal of the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Winter 2012

“Patient safety during anesthesia is a high priority in the western world, but it is an even more urgent issue in developing countries, where anesthesia-related mortality is often appallingly high. So many issues could be addressed in order to improve safety in resource-poor settings that it is hard to know where to begin. The availability of a pulse oximeter in every OR in the world would be a good start…”

Canadian Medical Association 2 February 2012

“A campaign by Canada’s anesthesiologists to supply pulse oximeters for all operating rooms, recovery areas and birthing centres in Rwanda has proved so successful that the original goal of supplying 250 of the machines was quickly surpassed…”

World Anaesthesia News January 2012

“A routine day at a regional referral hospital…” – read more about the life-saving value of a pulse oximeter in this month’s issue of World Anaesthesia News

Pulse oximeters for all The BMJ, 14 December 2011

“What difference will a £160 (€186, $250) Lifebox pulse oximeter make to low resource countries where surgery is still routinely carried out without this piece of kit, regarded as essential in Western operating theatres? …”

Unsafe surgery, make it zero The BMJ, 30 November 2011

“The BMJ has chosen Lifebox as its 2011 Christmas charity. Lifebox is working to ensure every operating theatre worldwide is equipped with a £160 pulse oximeter, the most important monitoring device in anaesthesia. Atul Gawande, speaking to Jane Feinmann, explains how you can help…”

ANZCA Bulletin September 2011

‘It’s one I would be completely happy to use’ says Professor Alan Merry in the latest issue of the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists bulletin.

Anaesthesia News May 2011, Issue 286

‘When a patient refuses consent for anaesthesia in these settings they may be making quite a wise choice!’

The Independent 24 April, 2011

Atul Gawande: a career built on an obsession with deadly failures.

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour 22 April, 2011

Paediatric Anaesthetist Isabeau Walker and Obstetric Anaesthetist Kate Grady talk to Jenni Murray about Lifebox and how better anaesthetic care in labour can save lives in the developing world.

Radio New Zealand National 12 March, 2011

Lifebox returns to Radio New Zealand, where Alan Merry talks to Kim Hill about Auckland Hospital’s leading role in developing the Surgical Safety Checklist and Lifebox’s mission to make surgery safer.

Radio New Zealand National 5 March, 2011
Atul Gawande talks to Kim Hill on Radio New Zealand about developing the Surgical Safety Checklist, writing The Checklist Manifesto and indie rock music in the operating theatre.

Pulse oximeters breathe life into surgery in poorer nations The Lancet, Vol 377, 1 Jan 2011

“Anaesthetists worldwide have joined forces with safer-surgery advocate Atul Gawande to enable low-income nations to buy vital pulse oximeters. Tony Kirby reports …”

An Oximeter in Every OR Anaesthesiology News, December 2010, Volume 36:12

“In an effort to make anesthesia safer for patients in the developing world, the World Health Organization is conducting a pilot project to study the use of pulse oximetry during surgery. The study, under way at two hospitals in the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Zambia, will measure the effectiveness of pulse oximetry use and training by monitoring rates of hypoxemia during surgery…”

New charity hopes to provide cheap pulse oximeters to hospitals in poor countries BMJ 2010, 341:c6649

“From next year a new charity, Lifebox, will deliver robust, inexpensive pulse oximeters along with educational materials anywhere in the world for just $250 (£160; €180), including postage and packaging (and $25 for a replacement probe). The aim is to save hundreds of thousands of lives by ensuring that every patient undergoing anaesthesia has routine continuous oximetry…”

Atul Gawande – making surgery safer worldwide, The Lancet, Volume 376, Issue 9746, 25 Sep 2010

“Medicine might not be a surprising career choice for the son of two doctors, but Atul Gawande tried to resist. Raised in Athens, OH, USA, he did not initially follow the path of his paediatrician mother or urologist father. His first degree, in biology and political science at Stanford, kept his options open and a Rhodes Scholarship in politics, philosophy, and economics at Oxford followed. Only later did he decide on Harvard Medical School…”