“I keep remembering that .  It’s like a nightmare.  She was a young adult, who would have done a lot for the country.  But because of poor monitoring, she died from her operation.”

– anaesthetist, Lagos

Abia State_workshop_2013_10Unsafe anaesthesia is a tragedy for everyone, and our champions are taking a stand.

Cross River, Lagos, Kaduna, Abia, Rivers – state by state, we’re working with colleagues in Nigeria to close the pulse oximetry gap with equipment and training to keep patients safer.

It’s making a difference.

“A few weeks ago we were monitoring a patient with a Lifebox pulse oximeter and suddenly her oxygen levels dropped to 70 per cent,” explained Dr Adekola Oyobola, helping to lead our Lagos work with Dr Ronke Desalu.  “She had an airway obstruction, and we needed to put in a tracheostomy [a tube into her neck, to help her breathe] – we were able to intervene in time to prevent cardiac arrest.   The pulse oximeter certainly makes a difference to surgery.

Without oximetry monitoring in surgery the reality is hypoxia, cardiac arrest – which should have been avoided.”

For an overview of our work in Nigeria, and to read one of our favourite stories courtesy of surgeon, champion and Lancet Commissioner Dr Emanuel Ameh, click here and here.

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