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World Anaesthesia Day!

On October 16th, 1846, doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston proved it was possible for patients to undergo surgery without the pain – the torture – that an operation had previously entailed. Nearly 170 years later, and 5 billion people around the world are still waiting to feel the benefits. For too many people,


Which countries does Lifebox operate in? Afghanistan Djibouti Liberia Serbia Albania Dominica Libya Seychelles Algeria Dom. Republic Lithuania Sierra Leone American Samoa Ecuador Macedonia FYR Solomon Islands Angola Egypt Madagascar Somalia Antigua & Barbuda El Salvador Malawi South Africa Argentina Eritrea Malaysia South Sudan Armenia Ethiopia Maldives Sri Lanka Azerbaijan Gabon Mali St Vincent &

South East Asia

The world is changing fast. Today, more than 70 percent of the world’s poor don’t live in officially ‘poor’ places.  They live in middle-income countries, where the top line metrics speak to increasing health and wealth but the reality is much more unevenly spread. Lifebox® works directly with colleagues who don’t have time for global


We’re committed to proven pathways that make surgery and anaesthesia safer. But we’re equally determined to play a part in building the body of academic research that will put safer global surgery on the map – for every patient, every time. Here’s where you’ll find some of the most important research in the field, from

To be taken aurally (plus the BBC!)

Surgery is a horribly unnatural thing to do to a body. To sedate it so it feels no pain, cut into it and rearrange – it’s alien and complicated, and even routine procedures carry a risk. So if there was a pill you could pop before an operation, proven to keep you safer – wouldn’t

South-East Asia

South-East Asia Of the 11 countries that form part of the WHO South-East Asian Region, Lifebox® has to date been active in 9 (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand and Timor-Leste). Click on the links to the left to read more about our work in this part of the world. Patient being prepped at

Our colleagues

We know that in more than 77,000 operating rooms worldwide, surgeries are taking place right now without pulse oximetry monitoring.  But what does that look like?  And who is in the room? We’d like to introduce you to some of our colleagues.  These anaesthesia providers are on our waiting list to receive a donated pulse

Which countries does Lifebox operate in?

Which countries does Lifebox® operate in? Lifebox® makes oximeters available to countries where the pulse oximeter gap is greatest. Since provision of medical equipment is such a significant capital investment for a hospital, the gap is largely determined by economic ranking. Afghanistan* Djibouti* Liberia* Serbia Albania Dominica Libya Seychelles Algeria Dominican Republic Lithuania Sierra Leone* American

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