Black Lion Hospital

Dr Rola Hallam tells us about her experiences using our oximeter at Black Lion Hospital:

“I have just returned from two weeks working and teaching in Addis Ababa where I used the oximeter you kindly offered to me.

A patient is monitored for safe blood oxygen levels with a lifebox pulse oximeter

It was enormously useful to have it.  There is a huge shortage of pulse oximeters at Black Lion Hospital where I was based.  They have one pulse oximeter between the 6 operating theatres, none in the recovery area, 2 for the 7-bedded adult intensive care, one in the paediatric intensive care and none in the neonatal intensive care. A very unsatisfactory and unsafe setup which hopefully Lifebox® will correct.

The oximeter was used by myself and the anaesthetic nurses I was teaching.  We used it in the following situations:

– Pre assessment of patients before surgery
– Operating theatres during surgery and anaesthesia
– The recovery area
– Patient transfer from the operating theatres to intensive care

I found the oximeter to be robust with an excellent screen visible from a distance and in poorly lit environments.  The audible signal and alarm is very useful.  An added great advantage is the heart rate monitor.  I had the adult probe and found it was usable for small children too.

The oximeter was invaluable for every case we did. Thank you again for the opportunity and good luck with this worthwhile, life-saving project.”