Scalpel Society

Scalpel 3 Scalpel 5 Name: Scalpel – University of Manchester Surgical Society  

Event: 7th Annual Undergraduate Surgical Conference 

Date: 24 October 2015

On 24 October, Scalpel, the University of Manchester Surgical Society will host its 7th Annual Undergraduate Surgical Conference, and we’re delighted to have been chosen as the named charity for this year’s event.

We recently caught up with Scalpel Secretary Judith Osuji, and this is what we learned.

What motivated the Scalpel Society to support Lifebox®?

With our enthusiasm for surgery, Lifebox was an immediate fit. We are inspired by your work in improving safety in the theatre through providing essential equipment along with education and training. We are eager to promote this idea as a society and conference. We are delighted to have Lifebox as our named charity.

On 24 October 2015 the Scalpel Society will host its 7th Annual Undergraduate Surgical Conference, what is this event about? Why is it important for medical students?

The Scalpel Undergraduate Surgical Conference is our biggest and best event. This is a national event attended by students from all over the UK. The conference will involve talks from internationally renowned speakers and workshops led by qualified surgeons.

The point of our student conference is to give medical students a chance to explore their interest in surgery more and provide an environment to practice presenting their projects before doing so at national conferences, and to network with like-minded students.

What is the role of medical students in supporting safer surgery around the world?

We understand that surgery and the theatre environment can be quiet daunting for students. Scalpel provides the space for students to begin learning safe surgical skills and to develop their interest and knowledge. Students begin to grow in confidence and understanding of what safe surgery involves through undertaking skills workshops, attending lectures, networking and gaining work experience with a surgical team.

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