The Cheetahs

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Team name: The Cheetahs

Event: London Enduro 12 hour run

Date: 13 – 14 June 2015

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Lifeboxes for Rio is a two year AAGBI fundraising campaign which aims to raise the money for 600 Lifebox pulse oximeters – the same as the number of Team GB athletes attending the next Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (5 – 21 August 2016). 

The Cheetahs are AAGBI staff members (Darren de Claro, Paul Russell, Josh Carter, Nicola Heard, Tamlyn Law), and Lifebox Procurement Manager Remy Turc. They will be taking on the London Enduro 12 hour multi terrain running event on 13 – 14 June to help raise funds for Lifeboxes for Rio.

What motivated you to support the Lifeboxes for Rio campaign?

I share Lifebox’s belief that surgery and anaesthesia should be life-saving, not life-threatening, regardless of where you are from. I’m more than happy to contribute towards a campaign that makes a real difference around the world. Josh Carter – AAGBI Educational Events Assistant 

Working so closely with the Lifebox team I witness daily how dedicated they are to safer surgery throughout the world.  Having had ACL surgery on two separate occasions their cause is that much more important to me as a runner, and as someone who has had the luxury of minimal risk surgery. Contributing toward Lifebox who are improving the chances for others is the least I can do. Darren de Claro – AAGBI Reception and Facilities Assistant