Education and training are key to the sustained uptake of any healthcare practice.

You can now download our how-to guide for delivering Lifebox® training in the field.

In our target countries, anaesthesia is most frequently delivered by non-physicians who have trained on the job. And so to develop the skills of those who administer it, each Lifebox® oximetry package comes with an education CD-Rom.

This CD-Rom includes an award-winning instructional video about pulse oximetry, ‘how to’ videos about the WHO Safe Surgery Checklist and tutorials on the correct use of a pulse oximeter. It also contains outline classes, clinical scenarios and tests for a day-long training workshop, a virtual pulse oximeter computer simulator and a logbook to record the users’ experience (useful both for teaching and research purposes), developed by experts in the field.

All of the material is available in English here and here, and all of it is free to download.  Click on the links on the left to access other language versions.

Following a ‘teach the teacher’ approach, supported by in-country training workshops where there is greatest demand, Lifebox® gives healthcare professionals the tools for a sustained change in the safety and practice of anaesthesia.