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Lifebox is a leading global nonprofit tackling the global crisis of unsafe surgery. Here journalists can find our contact details and latest press releases and publications.

Lifebox is a global nonprofit organization founded to tackle the crisis of unsafe surgery. By investing in tools, training, and partnerships, we address the critical gaps in surgical systems to make surgery and anesthesia safer worldwide. Lifebox’s work focuses on three core areas: anesthesia safety, surgical teamwork, and reducing surgical infection. Founded by Dr. Atul Gawande, since 2011, Lifebox has made 181 million surgeries safer.

Lifebox works with leading surgical, anesthesia, obstetric, and nursing providers in more than 100 countries. Get in touch for stories on the frontline of global surgery or to arrange interviews with partner clinicians, and Lifebox team or board members. Contact our Press Officer, Lourdes Walusala [email protected]. To see the most recent Lifebox research and publications click here

Latest Releases:

October 16 2023: Smile Train-Lifebox tackle major gap in anesthesia safety in low-resource setting operating rooms

January 23 2023: New program to make anesthesia safer for children launches in Ethiopia

July 11 2022:  Smile Train-Lifebox To Distribute 11,000 Pulse Oximeters to 20 Countries Making 14 Million Surgeries Safer

16 February 2022: Multidisciplinary team invents low-cost decontamination cabinet that quintuples N95 mask supplies, ideal for low-resource settings

Report: A Critical Gap

A Critical Gap: pulse oximetry in low- and middle-income countries. A Smile Train-Lifebox report on pulse oximetry availability and access barriers

Voice of America

'Billions Lack Access to Affordable Surgical Care': Lifebox Global Clinical Director, Dr. Tihitena Negussie, discusses lack of surgical care with VoA's Linord Moudou

New York Times

'Where Surgeons Don’t Bother With Checklists': coverage of Lifebox's report on use of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist 10 years after its development

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