Saving lives through safer surgery

Lifebox is a global nonprofit making surgery and anesthesia safer worldwide. Through tools, training, and partnerships we make surgery safer for every patient, every time.

Our work

Our Approach


Our programs work across three core pillars of Safer Surgery – improving anesthesia safety, reducing surgical infection, and strengthening teamwork.

  • Tools

    Equipping surgical teams with essential tools for safer patient care.

  • Training

    Building skills in healthcare providers through training.

  • Partnerships

    Working in partnership with a global network of clinicians.

Celebrating 10 + 1 Years Saving Lives Through Safer Surgery


As we mark more than a decade of making surgery and anesthesia safer worldwide, we wanted to share the milestones that we have achieved, together, so far. Thank you to every one of you who has been part of the Lifebox story. Join us to make surgery and anesthesia safer at 400 hospitals in 20 countries in the next three years.

Celebrate with us

Latest Updates


Bridging the Gap: Pulse Oximetry and Safer Anesthesia

leading anesthesia providers from across the world shared their experiences on issues relating to pulse oximetry impact in anesthesia care, remaining gaps in oximetry access and identified priorities for safe anesthesia care going forward – including the issue of pulse oximetry accuracy in darker skin tones.

Announcing the Lifebox-Smile Train Pulse Oximeter

Today we launch the Lifebox-Smile Train pulse oximeter with our long-standing partner Smile Train to scale up access to pulse oximetry for anesthesia and critical care. Pulse oximeters rapidly measure the oxygen level of the blood and are essential for patient monitoring during anesthesia and in intensive care. This easy-to-use...

Our Impact


Making surgery safer for every patient, every time.

  • 60M

    Surgeries made safer

    • 11,000

      Healthcare providers trained in safer surgery and anesthesia

    • 33,400

      Pulse oximeters distributed to frontline providers across 116 countries worldwide

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