COVID-19 Resources for Lifebox Partners

Lifebox focuses on the safety of surgical and anesthesia providers and their patients. Our priority since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has been to adapt and develop tools and strategies to support our colleagues as they provide safe surgical, anesthesia, and COVID-19 care during this global health emergency.

NEW: COVID-19 Surgical Patient Checklist

Lifebox COVID-19 Resources 

Pulse Oximeter COVID-19 Decision Making Tool Developed with ALIMA, the Pulse Oximeter COVID-19 Decision Making Tool helps to rapidly identify patients in need of oxygen therapy and aid decision-making regarding their care.

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VIDEO: Use of a Pulse Oximeter in the COVID-19 Pandemic Educational video on use of a pulse oximeter in the COVID-19 pandemic.

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COVID-19 Surgical Patient Checklist The COVID-19 Checklist, developed by Lifebox in collaboration with partners including WFSA and Smile Train, provides prompts for key infection prevention strategies to reduce the risk of infection to surgical teams operating during the pandemic.
PPE Best Practice

Evidence based practice on PPE reuse and a video on PPE best practice on the ‘Donning, Doffing and Reprocessing of PPE’ in resource-constrained settings and provided guidance on evidence-based practice.


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PPE Self Learning Module

This module is for personnel working in a hospital setting providing direct patient care and/or performing equipment reprocessing and covers the donning and doffing of PPE and its safe reuse.

Perioperative Provider Safety During COVID-19

A global survey by Lifebox – in collaboration with Smile Train and Jhpiego – has found severe lack of essential personal protective equipment (PPE) and infection prevention protocols, putting perioperative providers at risk of COVID-19 infection. Full report here.

COVID-19 Webinars Clinical leaders in surgery, obstetrics, and anesthesia providing perspectives and guidance from frontline practice in the Lifebox COVID-19 webinar series.
COVID-19 Preparedness 



Published in the Annals of Surgery,  “COVID-19 preparedness within the surgical, obstetric and anesthetic ecosystem in Sub Saharan Africa” was developed with Lifebox partners across West, East, and Southern Africa to help guide surgical systems preparing for COVID-19.