COVID-19 Resources for Lifebox Partners

Lifebox has curated a list of COVID-19 resources to help our partners keep safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. These resources have been evaluated and recommended by Lifebox’s medical team. Information on ethics, clinical guidelines, hand washing, PPE, research, and training can be found below. This list will continue to be updated and maintained as we evaluate new resources. While these materials are not comprehensive, and there are many other sources of information, we hope it will prove useful.

NEW: COVID-19 Surgical Patient Checklist

Thank you to Drs. Faye Evans, Nichole Starr, and Tom Weiser for compiling this list.

Lifebox COVID-19 Resource Guide:

Area Title Source
Ethics Ethical Framework for Health Care Institutions & Guidelines for Institutional Ethics Services Responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic The Hastings Center
Guidelines Lifebox/Smile Train/WFSA publication: COVID-19 Surgical Patient Checklist to minimize healthcare provider exposure when operating on COVID+ or suspected patient (PDF) Lifebox/WFSA
Guidelines Lifebox publication, PDF: COVID-19 preparedness within the surgical, obstetric and anesthetic ecosystem in Sub Saharan Africa

Virtual Grand Rounds Video of Authors’ Discussion of Publication

Annals of Surgery
Guidelines Coronavirus – guidance for anaesthesia and perioperative care providers WFSA
Guidelines Basics of Mechanical Ventilation for Non-Critical Care MDs SAGES
Guidelines Clinical guidance ICM Anaesthesia
Guidelines FAQ on Anesthesia Machine Use, Protection, and Decontamination During the COVID-19 Pandemic APSF
Hand Washing PDF: Guide to Local Production: WHO-recommended Handrub Formulations WHO
Hand Washing TEACH CLEAN handwashing poster TEACH CLEAN
Oxygen Guidelines

Oxygen Supply and Demand Calculator 

PPE Sequence for Putting on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CDC
PPE Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of N95 Respirators CDC
PPE Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of Facemasks CDC
PPE A scientific consortium for data-driven study of N95 filtering facepiece respirator decontamination N95DECON
PPE Proven decontamination techniques for N95 masks NIAID
PPE English COVID-19 PPE Infographic, Spanish, French; Reference Sheet; Technical Support Ashley Styczynski – Stanford University
PPE What is an N95 Respirator?

N95Decon – Resources available in multiple languages here


Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19

Research Global research on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) WHO

COVID-19 Resources: Documents and publications on COVID-19


Training An Introduction to the National Incident Management System FEMA

Water, sanitation, hygiene and waste management for COVID-19


Pulse oximetry in low-resource settings during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Lancet

Signposted Other Resources

American College of Surgeons COVID-19 resources


Lifebox PPE resources here


World Health Organization(WHO) Latest news