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Lifebox COVID-19 Response

The need for surgery has not stopped during the COVID-19 pandemic. Surgical teams around the world have continued to provide lifesaving surgery, even when lacking basic equipment to keep themselves safe. At Lifebox, our priority is supporting our partners to provide safe surgical, anesthetic, and COVID-19 care.


Lifebox has worked with anesthesia and surgical partners in India for the past five years. As the COVID-19 pandemic has surged in the country, Lifebox is supporting our partners in their COVID-19 response: providing direct assistance for oxygen resources and supporting partners with educational materials.
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Pulse Oximeter Use in

6,500 pulse oximeters distributed to frontline healthcare workers across 43 countries for the identification and ongoing care of COVID-19 patients.

COVID-19 Surgical
Patient Checklist

Reduces the risk of infection to surgical teams by providing prompts for key infection prevention strategies with an online Train-the-Trainer workshop.

Pulse Oximeter Use for Home COVID Care

Guidance on the use of pulse oximeters to monitor COVID-19 patients at home, and when to seek
professional help


PPE distribution and best practice video on safe reuse


Supporting innovations that tackle COVID-19 to improve patient safety


“I supported the distribution of 50 Lifebox pulse oximeters donated to the hospitals in Rivers and Bayelsa States in southern Nigeria for COVID-19 response. There is a shortage of medical equipment in Nigeria so these donations were important to help us provide COVID-19 care. In a COVID-19 patient, the respiratory system of the patient may be compromised. Pulse oximeters help us to screen and assess the oxygen saturation of patients.” 

Dr. Dabota Yvonne Buowari, anesthesiologist, University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, Nigeria


The pandemic is not over. Please donate towards our critical work in supporting our partners to provide safe surgical, anesthetic, and COVID-19 care.

“Lifebox responded rapidly to COVID-19. In the absence of good testing, being able to have a pulse oximeter on the finger of a person with a cough and detect those with low oxygen levels has proven to be incredibly important across the world, especially in places like Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America where Lifebox operates. With 6,500 pulse oximeters distributed thus far, work continues apace – with Lifebox doing incredible things at scale.”   

Dr. Atul Gawande, Lifebox Chair


Thank you to Lifebox supporters, The ELMA Relief Foundation, IZUMI Foundation, Smile Train, Stavros Niarchos Foundation, and UBS Optimus Foundation for supporting our COVID-19 response.