“#MyLifesavingOximeter helps me to fight COVID-19”

“My lifesaving oximeter helps me to fight COVID-19,” Dr. Christian Masudi of the University Clinics in Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) told us.

“We had a patient, COVID-19 positive. By using the Lifebox pulse oximeter, we discovered that the patient was in severe hypoxemia with a blood saturation of 55%. The decision was taken to intubate the patient. Five days later, he had improved. 16 days later, he was discharged.”

Dr. Christian Masudi, Medical Coordinator for ALIMA (The Alliance for International Medical Action) at the COVID-19 treatment center within the University Clinics in Kinshasa, DRC, spoke with Lifebox about how his team saved a COVID-19 patient’s life with help from a Lifebox pulse oximeter provided by our partners ALIMA.

Dr. Christian Masudi checks another patient’s blood oxygen saturation with a Lifebox pulse oximeter at the University Clinics in Kinshasa, DRC.

Dr. Christian told us how he uses the pulse oximeter to monitor COVID-19 patients.

“The Lifebox pulse oximeter is one of the essential pieces of equipment in COVID-19 management. We are using it in a number of ways: triage for patient orientation – whether they go to the ICU, etc; for categorization of hypoxemia (light, moderate, severe and critical condition); and for deciding to give a patient oxygen, put them on a CPAP machine, extubate them, or discharge them.”

Watch Dr. Christian in the video below showing how to use a Lifebox pulse oximeter.

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