Lifebox 2022 Annual Report

Ten Years Saving Lives Through Safer Surgery and Anesthesia

Surgery is an essential part of healthcare, enabling people to live longer and healthier lives. Surgical care can treat one third of the global burden of disease, yet surgical providers around the world face significant challenges in ensuring safe patient care. This was why Lifebox was created in 2011. 

Ten years on we can point to 181 million safer surgeries through our tools, training, and partnerships. We have worked across 116 countries, trained 12,000 healthcare providers, and distributed 33,000 pulse oximeters that are essential for safe anesthesia care. 

The Lifebox 2022 annual report covers the first year of Lifebox’s strategic plan and focuses on our three critical areas for improving surgical patient safety – anesthesia safety, surgical teamwork, and infection reduction – from research on Lifebox’s work – including follow-up data of 3,000 patients on the lasting results of our surgical infection reduction program –  to updates on Lifebox’s randomized control trial for improved maternal health. 

Thank you to our supporters, partners, and donors, who have enabled Lifebox over the last decade to become a global leader in anesthesia and surgical safety. We look forward to sharing the milestones and impact of this work with you as we make surgery and anesthesia safer for every patient, every time.