A Lifebox donor's story

Our donors are able to designate the country and facility where the Lifebox pulse oximeter they donate will be sent. This helps build strong links between anaesthesia providers and other healthcare professionals in countries around the world and is an aspect of our work we are particularly proud of. 

Janet Dewan, CRNA, Chair of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists’ (AANA) Health & Wellness Committee recently donated a pulse oximeter to a hospital in Niger as part of the AANA participation in the Lifebox Make It Zero campaign:

“Niger is one of the World’s poorest countries and bears a tremendous health burden with limited resources. The risks of surgery and anesthesia are high. I knew from my volunteer experiences that anesthetists, even at the 1000 bed National Hospital, rarely had the benefit of using audible pulse oximetry for their patients.  

It was very gratifying to me to be able to earmark my donation to Lifebox for a pulse oximeter for one of my anesthesia colleagues in Niger.  Within a month of my contribution, Dr. Maman Sani Chaibou was delighted to send me a photo using the lifebox pulse ox device on an ICU patient, who would have had no post op monitoring without it. Thanks to the AANA for designating this charity that connects us to our global anesthesia colleagues while improving  patient safety by closing the pulse oximetry gap.”

You can see a picture of the Lifebox pulse oximeter in use in Niger here.