Back to Burkina Faso

In 2013, following a needs assessment by the national society of anaesthesia (SARMU-B) and thanks to our MAKE IT 0® supporters at the Canadian Anesthesiolgists’ Society (CAS), we donated 117 monitors to hospitals across the country – alongside Checklist introduction and training for long-term, effective use.

Infant and maternal mortality figures point clearly to the need for increased access to safe surgical care in Burkina Faso, and with friendships forged amidst flying luggage and hot days, our project made local news.

Burkina Faso_workshop_2013 (4)

It was also the beginning of an extraordinary collaboration. Graduates of our train the trainers workshop became the first members of our growing Francophone Lifebox faculty. With their expertise in challenging environment anaesthesia and their passion for safer surgery, our Burkinabe colleagues have supported Lifebox projects in their country and across the West African region, and we’re excited to work with them again.

That’s right – Lifebox is going back to Burkina Faso! We’re thrilled to announce that an international team – American, British, Canadian, French and Rwandan – is landing this week to work with SARMU-B on a second round of oximeters – more than 100 for distribution and training, this time to ensure that every recovery setting has essential monitoring in place.

Research shows that the first 24 hours post-surgery can be the most dangerous. This second phase project will help ensure that lives saved in the operating room stay safe on the other side of the doors.

Burkina Faso_oximetry_provider_2013 (4)

There’ll also be a SAFE Obstetric Anaesthesia course supported by CAS IEF and our co-founders the AAGBI and the WFSA, and some high-profile visitors expected.

The team is eager to share reports from the road – so stay tuned as we gear up for round two of #SaferSurgeryBurkinaFaso!