British Medical Journal – campaign coverage, 2012-2013

In 2012 Lifebox was selected as the British Medical Journal’s holiday charity for the second year in a row.

The campaign raised more than £27,000, and will enable us to support more than 160 additional operating theatres this year.  As impressive as this is, the impact is much greater than the sum of its parts.  160 pulse oximeters revolutionizes daily practice for many more anaesthesia providers, and safeguards the lives of exponentially  more patients.

The wide-ranging series of articles, podcasts and Blog that propelled the campaign is catalogued below.  If you have any questions we’re always glad to hear from you at [email protected] or  on 0203 286 0402.


Editor’s Choice: Oxygen and Publicity” – Fiona Godlee, 5.Dec.2012

Feature articles

Lifebox: Make It ZeroSarah Kessler, 4.Dec.2012

Atul Gawande Q&A: the difference a donation makesJane Feinmann, 12.Dec.2012

“Christmas special: two theatres, one oximeter” 22-29.Dec.2012

Journey of an oximeterJane Feinmann, 15.Jan.2013


Lifebox: is that the pulse oximeter charity?Sophie Reshamwalla, 4.Dec.2012

Rwanda Q&A: unmet surgical need and a surgical safety crisisLifebox in conversation with Professor Patrick Kyamanywa, 7.Dec.2012

Into thin air: hypoxia in EthiopiaTom Bashford, 11.Dec.2012

Togo Q&A: facing the facts and making a differenceLifebox in conversation with Fataou Ouro-Bang’Na, 18.Dec.2012

On using a pulse oximeter in ZambiaGeoffrey Roberts, 28.Dec.12

El Salvador Q&A: education, education, educationLifebox in conversation with Sandra Leal, 8.Jan.2013

Why pulse oximeters from Lifebox make such a differenceIain Wilson, 25.Jan.2013

On fixing the lack of medical equipment in AfricaShauna Mullally, 5-Feb-2013


Neonatal survival and LifeboxAtul Gawande in conversation with Jane Feinmann (beginning 17.15 mins), 7.Dec.2012