A day in the life of Dr Patange

“I leave home early in the morning for surgery. I prefer using my bike to counter traffic jams and parking issues at the hospital. And as always, I take my bag with all my anaesthesia instruments with me – including a Lifebox pulse oximeter, which I was gifted this spring.”

“My first surgery is usually scheduled soon after I arrive. We reinforce the message, from the OR to the recovery: continuous monitoring of the patient after anaesthesia is essential. Even when I have an oximeter, I check the patient with a hand on the pulse.”

“The surgery went well!  The surgeon and I get together to discuss the next operation, because communication and preparation is key, and the whole OR team needs to work together.”

“We all have different roles to play in the Checklist. I always make sure the anaesthesia trolley is ready for the next operation. Thanks to Lifebox for supplying such useful pulse oximeter, and helping to make monitoring easier for all anaesthesiologists.”

“Availability of anaesthesia providers is a problem. In Nanded there are far less than the required number, and everyone has to run from one hospital to another for emergency or planned cases. The equipment resources are also limited.”

“We had an emergency case of foetal distress today. As often happens, the patient came late to hospital, everything is rushed…But we managed it well. When the surgery is completed safely – surgeons, staff, the whole team – we are all happy!”

“After a long day, I enjoy a relaxing evening at home with my kids. Some nights you are lucky enough to rest, but as you see,  as always my anaesthesia bag is by my side…”

“Tonight I  had  to rush back to the hospital for an emergency Caesarean section. The Lifebox pulse oximeter has made my life much easier. It’s handy, and I can use it anywhere.”

“I look to a divine power to help me in my path to work for the betterment of my community. Now and in the future, I will always be ready to work, helping people in need, at any corner of the planet.”

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