Fundraising begins with ‘fun’ – Dr. Alex Hannenberg on why this year’s Resident Challenge is particularly special

The ASA and Lifebox have had a long and successful partnership, what makes this year’s resident challenge so unique? 

The ASA-Lifebox relationship has become stronger and richer, substantially because of the sharing of staff support and on-line platforms specifically for the resident challenge.

Why is the Resident challenge so important for improving the safety of anesthesia in low income countries?

ASA residents’ fundraising supports Lifebox donation of oximeters and training of anesthesia providers in low resource settings where preventable anesthesia morbidity and mortality can occur at truly shocking rates.

What are some of the best fundraising ideas you’ve seen previous residents carry out? 

There are quite a few I wish I’d been able to attend such as the open-mike comedy club, chili cook-off and others.  I’m planning to attend this year’s pie-in-the-face event in Boston. The ingenuity of residents is astonishing and I look forward to even more innovation !

Have you any advice for the residents taking part this year?

As one of our early resident challenge champions liked to remind us: don’t forget that “fundraising begins with ‘fun’”

Dr. Alex Hannenberg at the BIDMC pie-in-the-face fundraiser, September 2019 ©Lifebox/Joey Santore