Lifebox and Smile Train

The steady beep of the pulse oximeter is the hushed voice of the patient on the operating table.  The team listens: surgeon, anaesthesia provider, and nurse know all is well. The same goes for the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist – the teams uses this simple system to ensure the patient is protected from harm.

Lifebox works best with a team too. That’s why we’re thrilled to tell you about the next step in our joint enterprise with Smile Train, the world’s leading cleft charity.

As we announced in February, Lifebox and Smile Train have been making plans to provide pulse oximeters to facilities in need. Over the next several months, thanks to the generosity of Smile Train, Lifebox will be providing 2,200 pulse oximeters to hospitals around the world.

Across countries as diverse as India, China, Pakistan, Yemen and the Congo, Lifebox pulse oximeters will be used to support cleft palate and cleft lip procedures, to make caesarean sections safer and treat the victims of road accidents.

They will save lives.

Check back here for further updates on this exciting project in coming months.