Lifebox Masterclass at ASA

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ORD -> IAD -> SFO -> MSY -> SAN: Lifebox and the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) go way back.  And forth.  And East Coast.  And West Coast.  Since 2011 we’ve been happy fixtures in the Global Humanitarian Outreach (GHO) booth at ASA’s annual conference, and we’re thrilled to be heading back this year.

ANESTHESIOLOGY 2015 is a chance for us to meet friends and colleagues leading safe anaesthesia and changing patient lives across the U.S. – and as one of the biggest meetings of the year, across the world.

The schedule is, as ever, packed!  But there’s always room for more global anaesthesia, and the opportunity to bring a lecture back to a conversation; to ask the experts what they really think.

Following the success of our Masterclass series last year, we’re thrilled to announce our programme is back this year.

Join us every lunchtime at the Lifebox Booth in Lobby D for a series of short, informational sessions with some of the world’s leading experts in global anaesthesia. This is an opportunity to talk honestly about the highs and lows, stories and statistics, challenges and changes of anaesthesia in low-resource settings – don’t miss your chance to make a contribution.

Sat, Oct. 24
11:30 am

Alex Hannenberg

(Lifebox USA Trustee; ASA Past President)

Fundraising and Partnerships
12:00 pm

Ryan McGaughey & David Greschler

(Annual Resident Lifebox Challenge winners)

How you can get involved: Residents’ Perspectives on Raising Funds and Awareness through the Resident Challenge
Sun, Oct. 25
11:30 am

Berend Mets

(ASA Global Humanitarian Outreach)

Lifebox Training and Planning for an in Country Programme
12:00 pm

Julia Weinkauf

(University of Minnesota)

What would you do? Ethical Case Challenges and Quandaries of Global Health Work
12:30 pm

Medge Owens

(Nicholas M. Greene award; Kybele)

Obstetric Anaesthesia in Low-Resource Settings
Mon, Oct. 26
1:00 pm

Julian Gore-Booth

(Chief Executive, the WFSA)

The Role of the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists
Tue, Oct. 27
12:00 pm

Alan Merry

(Lifebox Foundation trustee; Head of Medicine, U of Auckland)

Anaesthetists and Postoperative Infection in the Global Context
12:30 pm

Tom Bashford

(University of Cambridge)

How can the Checklist work in a low-resource setting hospital (when it’s hard to get it right at mine?)
1:00 pm

Faye Evans

(Boston Children’s Hospital)

Notes from Niger: Trusting your In-Country Implementing Partners