Lifebox model is 95% effective, study shows

Essential monitoring and education changes practice and saves lives – and now there’s a study proving that the Lifebox model does just that.’Evaluation of a large-scale donation of Lifebox pulse oximeters to non-physician anaesthetists in Uganda‘ published in this month’s Anaesthesia journal shows that when oximeters are donated to operating rooms they stay where they are needed and when providers are trained they don’t forget.

Since our first major workshop and donation in association with the Uganda Society of Anaesthesia and the Association of Anaesthetists in Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI), we’ve distributed more than 7000 additional oximeters and training programmes across 90 countries worldwide.  We know that strategic distribution is the smart way to go, and we’re excited to share the evidence with you – and the faces of the frontline workers who are using their skills and equipment to save lives.