Lifebox News – March Edition

Last month we…

Honored the importance of global surgery stories as we witnessed the Checklist Effect receive its fourth award at the Global Cinema Film Festival in Boston

Celebrated International Women’s Day by sharing perspectives of our inspiring female safer surgery and anaesthesia champions around the world #IWDSurgery #BeBoldForChange

Partnered with the AAGBI, the WFSA and the Zimbabwe Anaesthetic Association (ZAA) to deliver a SAFE anaesthesia workshop in Harare

Delivered a safer anaesthesia training workshop at Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia

Talked to Dr. Mahmood Bhutta, an ENT Surgeon and founder of the BMA’s Fair and Ethical Trade Group, about his recent visit to Cambodia scoping out a surgical instrument tray project

Attended the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists at their World Congress – held this year in Cape Town. Alongside our friends at Ariadne Labs, we made new ones across this critical community for global surgery

Joined the 2017 Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) conference as the conference charity – raising money and awareness by the sea in Bournemouth, U.K.!

Snapped a story of #SaferSurgeryHaiti as part of our latest Instagram series showcasing our partnership with Citizens of the World Foundation

In the news:

Hospitalizations from gunshot wounds cost $700 million a year, study says (CNN)

Clinical motivation and the surgical safety checklist (BJS)

Chronic Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa (Chronic Disease Africa)

Oxygen therapy for children (WHO)