Lifebox News – September edition

Last month we…

Returned to the international anaesthesia stage, with a consultation, education sessions, and our founder and chair Atul Gawande giving the keynote address at the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists in Hong Kong

Made headlines in the Wall Street Journal!

Watched the trailer for our documentary, The Checklist Effect – again (and again)

Listened to the inspiring Dr. Leonard Kabongo talk about his methodology and success implementing the Safe Childbirth and Surgical Safety Checklists

Rolled out #SaferSurgeryDominicanRepublic in collaboration with the ASA Charitable Foundation, Physicians for Peace and the Dominican National Health Service – equipping public hospitals across the country with essential pulse oximetry

Dazzled our eyes with a snap of the diamond being auctioned by the Australian Society of Anaesthetists’ to support our work

Represented Lifebox and the voice of anaesthesia at the GE Foundation/G4 Alliance/Safe Surgery 2020 side event in parallel with the United Nations General Assembly in New York

Met our first amazing group of Lifebox-Medsin Reps – medical students who will be supported by Lifebox and Medsin to advocate for global surgery at medical schools across the UK

Delivered our sixth (!) training workshop in Zambia

Attended the AAGBI’s Annual Congress in Birmingham – and cheered the brave cyclists for Lifeboxes for Rio – to celebrate a campaign that has raised over £80,000 to support safer anaesthesia around world

In the news:

Surgical services included as part of Kenyan national hospital insurance (Daily Nation)

Research into OR teamwork in Sri Lanka (BMC Surgery)