Liya Kebede Foundation – Instagram vacation!

In May 2015, we took on one of our biggest collaborations to date: safer surgery in every government hospital in Niger.

2015_May_Niger_Faye Evans_all the oximters stacked up

Our super team: the Nigerien anaesthesia community, the Nigerien Ministry of Public Health and the Flatley Foundation, supporting this project from the ground to the government up.

Our aim: deliver training in oximetry and safer surgical practice, and distribute 270 oximeters to close the operating room and recovery setting gap.

Our mission: a success!

And we’re thrilled to celebrate our work and our colleagues with an Instagram vacation, thanks to our friends at the Liya Kebede Foundation

151002_Liya Kebede Instagram

The LKF is a maternal health NGO founded by World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador and supermodel, Liya Kebede.

Through training, community education and safe birth service delivery priorities, they’re raising the level of conversation about an inexcusable global crisis – in Liya’s home country of Ethiopia and beyond.

We’re honoured to join the conversation alongside them, and hope you’ll follow us over to the LKF Instagram all next week. We’re discussing maternal health – and the life-saving impact that safe surgery can have for mothers’ and babies worldwide.