MyLifesavingOximeter: ‘A Pulse Oximeter is a Lifesaver’ in Assam, India

Dr. Giri describes to Lifebox the many ways that pulse oximeters are used. Normally, the pulse oximeters are used for anesthesia purposes. However, Dr. Giri told us that they have often proven vital for a certain group of patients: snake bite victims.

“Suppose in the middle of the night, a snake bite victim comes here and then we need to infuse antivenom. Then our sisters and our doctors use this pulse oximeter to monitor the SPO2 as well as the heart rate.”

Throughout India and the rest of the world, there are still operating rooms lacking this essential monitoring device. That is why we need you to chip in and make sure anesthesia providers can safely care for their patients like Dr. Giri. Make a donation to Lifebox so that we can put more oximeters where they are needed.