We have delivered oximeters and training materials to ORs across Nigeria – from Kano in the north to Rivers and Delta State in the south. Some hospitals have been able to purchase oximeters from us, however, the majority have received donations courtesy of our generous supporters around the world. Many of these facilities have also organized local and district-level training workshops on oximetry and the Checklist.

Dr Onuora at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital in Enugu told us that “It has very gratifying to me to be able to use the pulse oximeter for anaesthesia in one of our of theatres. In the recent past a handful of morbidity and mortality have taken place in that theatre. Poor patient monitoring had partly contributed to these especially for paediatric patients. Within months of receiving this pulse oximeter and other equipment, we have not recorded any mortality in that theatre so far.”

We undertook further distribution in Nigeriat during the 4th WACSA meeting in Lagos in November 2013, running a train-the-trainers workshop for delegates interested in taking Lifebox teaching back to their hospitals. At this time we distributed 70 oximeters to public hospitals across Lagos State.