Lifebox, Flatley Foundation and Nigerien National Society of Anaesthesiology partner for safer surgery in Niger

Lifebox Foundation is proud to announce an exciting collaboration with the Flatley Foundation, the Nigerien National Society of Anaesthesiology (NNSA) and the Nigerien Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) to bring safer surgery to patients and anaesthesia providers in Niger.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Flatley Foundation, this landmark project will see every government hospital operating theatre and recovery room in the country equipped with a pulse oximeter. Anaesthesia providers in these hospitals will also receive training in pulse oximetry and basic safety checks to be delivered at the NNSA national meeting to be held this week.

Dan Flately, trustee of The Flately Foundation said, “We are happy and proud to be of strong assistance in this extraordinarily worthwhile effort to preserve the lives of people at risk in the operating rooms of the hospitals of the nation of Niger.”

There is a huge and growing need for surgical services in Niger with thousands of operations taking place. Lack of appropriate training and resources in the operating theatre can make surgery desperately unsafe. Through this important collaboration Lifebox is providing 270 pulse oximeters and training, ensuring safer surgery for thousands of patients across the country.

Dr. Maman Chaibou Sani, Head of Anaesthesia at Hôpital National de Naimey explained, “We are thrilled about our partnership with Lifebox. Equipment and training will support colleagues who work day after day to provide safe surgical care for all our patients in Niger.”

Since 2011, Lifebox has distributed over 9,000 pulse oximeters to hospitals in 90 countries across the world, ensuring that anaesthesia providers have the training to use this essential piece of monitoring equipment appropriately, and the safety systems in place that keep patients safe.

Lifebox trustee Angela Enright said, “Education is a vital part Lifebox’s work. That’s why we collaborate with anaesthetists, surgeons and healthcare professionals across low and high resource settings to deliver training programmes that enable colleagues to provide safer surgery.”

Read Angela’s blog from Niger here.

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