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#WCALifebox – Canada, Burkina Faso, Nepal and Rwanda

A Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society campaign to raise funds for 250 oximeters overshot the target by more than 200 oximeters. Thanks to this support we’ve been able to work with our colleagues in Rwanda, Burkina Faso and Nepal to undertake needs assessments, develop faculty and deliver oximeters and training where they’re needed most.

Lifebox in Nepal

We met volunteer nurse Erin Horn through friends at Mercy Ships. The name Anandaban, she told us, literally means ‘forest of joy,’ and the hospital is ‘a sanctuary for those affected by leprosy’. And as the country’s leading site for reconstructive surgery and research, it’s also a life-changing opportunity. Erin sent us some wonderful photos of the oximeters


“You probably know what its like in resource poor settings – we use stuff till it falls apart, tape it together and use it again. But when the power fails – which happens several times on a good day and 20 times on a bad day – the Lifebox® oximeter works on and gives us


Nepal 100 oximeters were distributed during summer 2013 with funding from the Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society and in collaboration with the Society of Anaesthesiologists of Nepal. These will ensure safe anaesthetic monitoring at rural hospitals where facilities are scarce and the need great. We are also working with the Nick Simons Institute to look at ways

Meet Colm

Name: Dr Colm Lanigan  Occupation: Retired Consultant Anaesthetist Location: London    “I hope to let people understand the difference that a simple, cheap and robust bit of kit can make to the safety of surgery and anaesthesia…” What motivated you to join the Lifebox Speakers Bureau? I’d just retired as a consultant anaesthetist, and had

Lifebox News – July Edition

Last month we… Welcomed Mansi Tara to the Lifebox team – she’ll be leading our work in South Asia, with a particular focus on India. Interviewed Joon Yoo, our ServiceCorps fellow and second-newest Lifebox team member. Participated in the Royal Society of Medicine’s Global Surgery Summer School: talks and workshops on surgery, obstetrics and anaesthesia

Dr Ninadini Shrestha – #BeBoldForChange

Name: Dr Ninadini Shrestha  Role: Anaesthetist  Location: Nepal  #IWDSurgery When you were growing up what did you want to be? There were many things I wanted to become while I was growing up and it kept on changing with what inspired or influenced me. I guess when I was small being a doctor was the

Jared Forrester, Lifebox Fellow 2016

What global surgery experience did you have before starting your Lifebox Fellowship? At the end of my medical school training I wanted to see what surgery was like elsewhere – my experience had only been in the United States. I spent time at a couple hospitals in Nepal, which was incredibly eye-opening. I took call

Celebrating with the WFSA

Usually it’s parents who brag about their offspring, not the other way around. But at Lifebox, we’ve always been proud of our roots. Our co-founder, the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists (WFSA) is an extraordinary organisation: the umbrella body of anaesthesia societies worldwide, it’s a unique collaboration for better standards, education and advocacy across

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