The ASA-Lifebox Resident Challenge 2019

Calling all residents!

Are you ready for the 2019 ASA-Lifebox Resident challenge? 

With over 50,000 Operating Rooms without a Pulse Oximeter, Lifebox is working with surgical teams worldwide to make surgery and anesthesia safer, by equipping all operating rooms worldwide with the tools, training, and the protocols defined by the World Health Organization Surgical Safety Checklist.

The ASA Resident Challenge is an effort by resident programs all over the country competing to fundraise for Lifebox. An appointed resident leader can visit the campaign website and sign up their team to begin building a custom landing page.

This will be a means for their colleagues and peers to join the challenge and pool their funds for Lifebox’s global pulse oximeter distribution.

The competition will be open to programs across the country and the winner will be announced at the ASA Resident Assembly in Orlando, in October 2019. Join the Challenge and start fundraising for Lifebox!


Sign-up, join a team, or start your own:

1. Visit

2. Click “Become a Fundraiser” and create your personal page

3. Join a Team, or create your own!

4. Design your personal/team page and include language specific to your program

5. Set a goal for your team

6. Invite others to join and support the campaign through email and social media using the examples given in this Toolkit

7. Keep Lifebox staff updated regularly (biweekly) with any offline gifts or other developments

8. Hold a special event to raise awareness and funds for Lifebox!


Stuck on ideas on how to raise life-saving funds?  Follow our step by step fundraising guide here

Need an extra boost on those posts?  Check out our communications pack here.  


What do I do with checks?

Include your team affiliation and contact information so we can credit your fundraiser and send all checks to: Lifebox, 195 Montague St. 14th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201

What if people give me cash?

It is safest and best for record-keeping that you convert all cash received to checks or money orders. If you are able, send a check covering the full amount and list the individuals and attribution amounts so they receive a thank you and tax letter for their records. Campaign leaders should request a form that will only be visible to Lifebox staff listing and tracking all relevant donor information.

Should I thank my donors?

Yes, of course, thank each of your donors personally for their generosity and participation. You can set up an automatic thank you for gifts made through your online giving page. Lifebox will send a tax acknowledgement letter automatically to every donor that gives through your fundraising page, and via email or mail to all other people that make a gift.

Is Lifebox able to accept gifts-in-kind (e.g. silent auction items, free food and drink for an event)?

If your donors for goods or services would like a legal tax acknowledgement, please reach out to for a form that will capture all the relevant information. It would be helpful to obtain in advance a receipt detailing the fair market value of the donated item on official letterhead from the donor.

For all questions and inquiries about the Resident Challenge please contact Joey Santore at