“The instruments they were using, only for six months, had already started to break..”

Surgical instruments are an extension of the surgeon’s hands and skills. So the wrong tools – or broken ones, rusty ones, missing ones – can mean a life-threatening compromise.

We’re working with Dr Edward Fitzgerald (Lifebox Honorary Clinical Advisor, GlobalSurg) and Dr Mahmood Bhutta, (BMA Fair Medical Trade), with seed funding from the British Medical Association, to scope out a solution.

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First step: human-centered design to define the essential list of surgical instruments required to perform a C-section and laparotomy. These are two of the most frequent and urgent operations our partners see each day, with the potential to save millions of lives. By investigating the availability and condition of the necessary surgical tools across low-resource setting hospitals, we’ll have a better understanding of how Lifebox can help.

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