Who can buy an oximeter through Lifebox?

Who can buy a Lifebox® oximeter?

To target the pulse oximetry gap directly, our oximeters are only available for use by clinicians and facilities:

1. Working in low and lower-middle income countries, as specified by the World Bank (listed here)

2. Serving a population of at least 20% low-resource patients.

If you fit these criteria, you can go directly to our purchasing page to get started.

If you work in a country where pulse oximetry is universal, or if you’ve had an operation in a facility where safe anaesthesia was never in doubt, please consider donating an oximeter to a colleague or facility in need.  The global pulse oximeter market is projected to reach US$575 million by the year 2015, with US and Europe currently leading the market.  This one-sided boom is increasing the pulse oximetry gap, and you can help redress it.  Check out our donations page for more information.