The Lifebox Pulse Oximeter

Improving anesthesia safety through the distribution of pulse oximeters developed for use in low-resource settings.

A pulse oximeter is an essential piece of monitoring equipment that keeps patients safe during and after surgery, by measuring the oxygen levels in a person’s blood. Pulse oximeters are a minimum standard of safe anesthesia, and yet thousands of operating and recovery beds in low-resource settings still lack this critical device.

The Lifebox pulse oximeter is a low-cost, high-quality device designed for use in low-resource environments.  Since 2011, Lifebox has distributed 35,000 pulse oximeters – alongside training – to healthcare providers around the world to improve anesthesia safety.

The Lifebox pulse oximeter can be purchased directly from Lifebox. Lifebox also donates pulse oximeters  thanks to the generosity of our donors. Please email Lifebox at [email protected].

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Lifebox pulse oximeter

Improving access to pulse oximetry through the distribution of our pulse oximeter

“The impact of Lifebox has been that we no longer provide anesthesia without a pulse oximeter, we have understood that without it, anesthesia is very dangerous. I can honestly say today, that there’s almost no provision of anesthesia, no anesthesia at all, provided without a pulse oximeter, and this is thanks to Lifebox”.
Professor Eugène Zoumenou, Chief of Anesthesia, Hospital for Mothers and Children, Cotonou, Benin, Director of Anesthesia Education, University of Abomey-Calavi

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