Do you have probes for children and babies?

Do you have probes for children and babies?

Absolutely.  Each Lifebox® pulse oximeter comes with a universal probe as standard, suitable for patients aged 4 months and older – but for $25 each, with no additional shipping cost if purchased at the same time as an oximeter, we also offer:

– paediatric clip probes for small children

– ear clip probes

– neonatal wraparound probes

You can see a picture of the different models here.  When ordering your oximeter and probes, you will be asked to specify the type you wish to purchase.

Spare probes can double the life-expectancy of a pulse oximeter, and Lifebox® recommends that you purchase additional probes with your oximeter if possible.

Reusable neonatal probes can sometimes be fiddly on the smallest patients.  If you have trouble getting a reading with a neonatal probe we recommend that you remove the plastic belt, align the sensors on the patient, and fix them with any available tape or strapping, as seen on the patient’s big toe in the image below.