ASA-Lifebox Resident Challenge

Annual contest to raise critical funds for safer anesthesia. Open to all anesthesia residency programs and supporters.

The ASA-Lifebox Resident Challenge supports Lifebox’s work making surgery and anesthesia safer by equipping all operating rooms worldwide with pulse oximeters, training, and the protocols defined by the World Health Organization Surgical Safety Checklist. There are still over 50,000 Operating Rooms without a Pulse Oximeter. In addition, thousands more ICUs and PACUs lack this vital monitoring tool as well.

The Resident Challenge is an effort by resident programs all over the United States to compete fundraising for Lifebox. An appointed resident leader can visit the campaign website and sign up their team to begin building a custom landing page. This will be a means for their colleagues and peers to join the challenge and pool their efforts and funds in support of Lifebox’s global pulse oximeter distribution efforts.

Play video About the Resident Challenge

About the Resident Challenge

Check out this short video about the Resident Challenge and how to get involved. Share with your anesthesia residency and friends and get started!

2022 Resident Challenge


The 2022 Resident Challenge is underway, running from August to October. Winners of this year's Resident Challenge will be announced at the ASA Annual Meeting.

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Sign up your Residency team and start fundraising to help meet the critical pulse oximetry gap worldwide.

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Read our ASA Resident Challenge Guide for instructions and support on how to get started and make the most out of this event!

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Support your favorite team or donate to help us reach this year's fundraising goal to send pulse oximeters to operating rooms in need.

Play video Why Participate?

Why Participate?

Listen to past ASA President and Lifebox trustee Dr. Alex Hannenberg on why you should take part in the ASA-Lifebox Resident Challenge.

2021 ASA-Lifebox Resident Challenge Winners

We are honored to congratulate University of Rochester Medical Center for winning the 2021 Resident Challenge raising a total of $2,758. We are also privileged to feature the runner-ups: the University of Wisconsin at $1,843 and the Cleveland Clinic Florida at $1,655. Thank you for your steadfast support of safer surgery and Lifebox’s global pulse oximeter distribution.

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