Lifebox is a not-for-profit organization saving lives by improving the safety and quality of surgical care in low-resource countries.

We are doing it with a straightforward first step: Ensuring that every operating room in the world has a simple, essential device that can save tens of thousands of lives – an oxygen monitor.

More than half the hospital operating rooms in low-income countries lack an oxygen monitor (also known as a pulse oximeter), crucial for helping front line clinicians prevent fatal oxygen starvation in patients during anaesthesia. Millions of people undergo surgery without this basic safety measure because they have no choice. They need surgery for bleeding and broken bones after a road traffic accident, for appendicitis and strangulating hernias, for emergency caesarean sections.

Help us with the Lifebox mission, and become a part of one of the most cost-effective global health interventions in the world.  Just $250 will enable us to send an oximeter and education package where it is most needed.  You can see the Lifebox oximeter in action here.

If you have the means, donate an oximeter to a needy hospital.  If you are a hospital in need, register with us.  Or if you just want information, contact us on info@lifebox.org.