The day was a complete success, with more than 95 anaesthesia providers attending from all 12 health zones, i.e. about one-third of professionals in the field. The remotest centres were all represented and a total of 93% of ORs now have an oximeter.

– Philippe Baele, Martin Chobli

Benin workshop_2014Code name: “Bénin – Saturation 100%” was a grand idea proposed by the Belgian Professional Association of Specialists in Anaesthesia and Reanimation (APSAR) in partnership with the Beninese Society of Specialists in Anaesthesia and Reanimation (SMARB).

It aimed to do exactly what it sounds like: support safer surgery across an entire population, by making sure every patient is monitored on the Operating Room table. The goal was true teamwork, with support from Rotary Clubs in both Genk-Staelen (Belgium) and Cotonou-Centre (Benin) magnified with funding from Rotary International – and in September 2012, after two years of planning, it was a reality.